My Services

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Queen, did you know that you have the power to naturally heal your body to have a strong vessel to move you forward on all your desired goals?

Everything starts with you fully understanding and connecting to your feminine mind, body and soul. To achieve this transcendent connection, the magic trick is to cleanse out all the shadows, toxins, and barriers that are blocking you from optimal wellness. If you are sick of feeling lost, unhealthy, and overwhelmed then I am here for you! It's about time you stand up for your Queendom and create lasting, fortifying walls that can't be torn down. Let's build it all up together!

My expertise

Combining Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology

I am certified in Beautiful You life coaching, as a Dr. Stephen Cabral's Integrative Health Practitioner, and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. This means that you get to upgrade from all levels (mind, body and soul) to achieve lasting results.

Creating Personalized Wellness Plans

After working with many clients, I have yet to see a plan look the same. My coaching is completely bio-individualized so you will feel special and heard through the entire coaching journey.

Providing You with Lifelong Skills & Resources

You will receive worksheets, handouts, food plans, personality tests, lab testing, book recommendations, wellness team guides, and a digital Queen Rule book to refer to at any point after coaching for lasting support.

1:1 Queen Wellness Coaching

Work with me in a 1:1 setting online (in-person if local) and receive a personalized well-life plan, character strengths coaching, and lifestyle recommendations based on in-depth intake forms + optional labs to detox pathogens + toxins, optimize your health, and reach new levels of full-body function.

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The Queen Cleanse: Online Detox Program

Want to get your feet wet on your wellness joureny? This online program is the perfect start to discovering your root causes of not feeling fully energized and healthy. Each module is perfectly curated to give you a taste of the wellness lifestyle and set you up for future health goals. This 6-week program will help you cleanse out your mind, body and lifestyle to discover your equilibrium and powerful starting point for your well-life, dream scenario!

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