Cleanse your mind, body & lifestyle

without the fear of failing, negative detox symptoms, and stress!

If you’re a frustrated young woman, unhealthy Queen or overworked lady looking to create a balanced life while feeling unstable in this crazy world than you already know that…. you need to do an effective cleanse!

Let me tell you somthing I know is true. In the past when you tried to discover your balance and optimal health, you had the POWER but not the framework. You had the DETERMINATION but no formula. You had the DESIRE but no solid game plan. That's where I come in, to complete your power and be your guide!

Every part of your body has the perfect dial tone for you to discover. If you are craving to deeply connect with your feminine body and know exactly what she needs then read on to see how my program can help serve your dream life! 

Lauren Harris, Queen from Austin, TX

"Ashley's program was such a kind and gentle thing I did for my body. Before my first detox, I was feeling bloated, groggy, unmotivated, and generally apathetic about life. Stress and toxicity had put me in a space that was uncomfortable. During and after my cleanse, I truly felt lighter - physically and mentally.

The first thing I noticed was that the bloat was gone from my body. My face and fingers were thinner. It felt so good to shed that later of toxins. I felt more positive and optimistic, which led to more motivation in day to day life. My mind/body connection just felt stronger. Food was fueling me instead of bringing me down. Now I cleanse regularly because it feels damn good. It’s the reset my body needs!"

By the end of this program,

you will…


  • Be Living a Balanced, Healthy, & Powerful Lifestyle

    This program will help you get off the teeter totter of life and stop going from one extreme to the next. You will have a beautiful equilibrium to always come back to when life throws you a curveball. Once you reach optimal health, everything just falls into place because your vessel has full power to make all your goals a reality.
  • Cleanse All Your Toxic Channels

    In the last 100 years, our society has introduced over 144,000 man made chemicals to our world. Our bodies have been invaded with an over load of toxins and it can't detox them all on it's own anymore. Our Queendoms our signaling the alarms that it needs help! After a cleansing program you should feel much lighter, more blissful and more energetic. You may even shed some unwanted pounds.
  • Relieve Unwanted Symptoms

    Silent symptoms like brain fog, low energy, inflammation, anxiety, allergies, low libido, and feminine discomfort does not have to control your life and you do not have to "just deal with it!" After learning the power of detoxification you can start to discover your root cause imbalances, give off medication and stop using a band aid for your recurring issues.
  • Finally Understand How Your Feminine Body Can Work At Optimal Level

    Once you start to feel your optimal health through cleansing and integrative health protocols, you will have this deep understanding of what your body needs at any given moment. After a cleanse you will know exactly what foods make you feel sick, when a toxin enters your body and when you need to boost your immune system. You will finally be out of the dark tunnel and enter the lit up road of deep KNOWING.
  • Feel Deeply Connected to Your Inner Queen

    Have you met your inner Queen yet? She is your sub-consiou and she holds all the wisdom that you need to make your dream life a reality. The problem is that, as women we have had so many enemies try to push our inner Queen deep down so that we can't feel her power anymore. This has been done through limiting beliefs, patriarchal rules, laws, generational leftovers, and biased expecatations. This program not only cleanse your body but also cleanses your mind so that you can clear out the muck and pull your inner Queen to the surface. She is patiently waiting for you!

The Queen Cleanse is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You are just starting out on your health & wellness journey and don't want to waste any time or money.
  2. You have been struggling with negative symptoms (brain fog, low energy, weight gain, inflammation, & allergies) and finally want to stop using a band aid to start fixing your issues for good.
  3. Crave to feel your inner balance, optimal health and organic feminine power.
  4. You are already investing in your health with organic food, supplements and working out but want to figure out if you are choosing the right steps for your body.
  5. Have always been scared to try a cleanse because you thought you might choose the wrong one or not be able to complete it thoroughly.
  6. You are aware the cleansing all your channels is the quickest way to reach optimal health, an ideal body weight and a balanced lifestyle.
  7. You are ready to stop making excuses and start making your dream life a simple reality! 

What's Inside the Queen Cleanse

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Completing a functional medicine detox gave me freedom to discover exactly which nutrients I needed for my body. This helped my say bye to all my overwhelm.

- Breanna Taylor, Empowered Queen

I didn't realize that my mind was the culprit for always steering me away from my optimal health. This cleanse cleared all my mental channels for an overall upgrade!

- Taylor Williams, Connected Queen

I feared that I would never be able to get rid of my bloating but then Ashley guided me to discover all my imbalances. I finally feel satisfied and proud of my body!

- Heather Thomas, Proud Queen

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