About me

Hi, I’m Ashley! I can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced, healthy life.

My Story, always told by me:

After college I was lost. I graduated with a BS in Fashion Merchandising but that little girl dream of having a saved spot in the fashion industry was drifting away. After living in Los Angeles for my internship, I quickly realized that the fashion industry was not my cup of tea. People were stressed out, I didn't understand their ruthless humor, and having anxiety was the norm. My body was telling me to runaway. I moved back to Springfield, MO to be with my lover for life and he blessed me with a year to find my true passion. This discovery year was when life coaching found me. I had an ephinany moment and realized that I had always been meant to help others feel good and it wasn't going to be through fashion. It was going to be through the health & wellness field!

How I moved from a Life Coach to a Functional Medicine Health Coach...

I started to work with clients on discovering their passion and engaging their confidence as a life coach. I felt lit up by my clients but knew something was missing from the equation. Clients were not following through with their action steps and feeling defeated. Here are where the stars aligned...

During this time in my early twenties I was secretly dealing with many health issues, especially in my gut. I had IBS, daily anxiety, chronic bacterial vaginosis and I was fighting to keep any energy up for my busy  20-something lifestyle. My body felt foreign to me and it was shutting down from so many years of partying (I grew up at Lake of the Ozarks, MO so if you know, you know.) Doctors were not helping me understand how to reverse these symptoms and feel powerful. They would prescribe medication and tell me to eat more fiber.

I have always been very intuitive with my body so I knew these recommendations were not right. I decided at age 23 to take my health into my own healing hands. I researched and deeply connected to Functional Medicine. Within a year, I was feeling better and could finally understand my feminine mind & body!

After healing, it clicked that the universe had sent me down this wellness path to show me the light for my coaching clients. That is when I started to shift my focus into adding health & wellness to my coaching business so that my client could feel their power again.

The new motto for my business, Forming Her Wellness, became "You can easily move forward on your desired goals if your vessel is in optimal health!"

What Makes Me Whole...

My Lover for Life, Lucas and my step-son, Ethan. Traveling the world, indulging in other cultures and meeting new people. My cats, Sookie & Zara. Learning new tools like sailing for more adventure! My optimal health and always choosing what is best for me.

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