What are 4 wellness goals?

4 wellness goals wellness goals Apr 15, 2023

2023 has officially begun and if you fell off your January intentions, we’ve got you covered. 2023 is your year! The year of health and wellness. Here are 4 attainable and achievable goals to make you feel more well this new year:

Carve out time for YOU

Whether you’re a mama, a dad, a busy college student or young professional, life can get a little crazy. Make sure that every day, and every week, you carve out time to fill your cup. Set aside time for a moment of silence, perhaps a workout, time with friends, or just to sit and enjoy life at a slower pace. Making YOU a priority is always a good idea, especially when it comes to being well.

Focus on adding in more nutrient-dense foods

While every new year millions of people make it their goal to eat healthier and lose weight, we know that’s harder than it sounds. The best way to succeed is not to restrict. You are a human and food is wonderful. Instead of taking out tons of food, focus on adding more greens to your plate. The better the quality of ingredients you can add to your mealtimes, the more nourishment you’ll receive.

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Make sleep and rest a priority

Every year, it seems the world gets faster and faster, we sleep less, rest less and do more. If you really want to be well, you may have to make a change. Try focusing on giving yourself a true rest day once a week, and aiming for 7+ hours of sleep each night. You won’t always make it happen, but if you can focus on this 80% of the time, you’ll be so much better off!

 Become more aware of your thoughts and emotions

Most of us are deeply affected by negative thought patterns we’ve had our entire lives. Our thoughts are most unconscious and, until we bring them to light, it’s hard for us to change them. If you want to change the way you feel about yourself and your life, first examine what you’re saying to yourself everyday in your mind.

If you’re looking for more guidance, contact us below at Forming Her Wellness. We’d love to guide you deeper in your New Year Wellness Goals!


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