What are the 5 pillars of wellness?

5 pillars of wellness community gathering exercise nutrition sleep Apr 15, 2023

That’s where we come in. We’ll share with you the 5 pillars of wellness that you can make a priority in your life to begin shifting your state of wellbeing. The pillars include: sleep, nutrition, exercise, mind / emotions, and community. Let’s get into each one.


Sleep is a restorative part of our biology. While we sleep, damages in the body are repaired, inflammation decreases, hormones level out and our brain has time to rest. Without sleep, we risk increased chances of disease, getting sick, and feeling down. Needless to say, getting enough sleep is crucial to our health and wellness.

How much sleep is enough sleep?

While this can vary from person to person, depending on age, state of being, etc. its important to prioritize 7 hours of sleep for most adults. However, for someone who is ill or injured, most rest might be necessary. If you start to notice an increase in belly fat and lower energy, take inventory of how much quality sleep you are getting. This could be a huge contributor to negative changes in your health.


Proper nourishment and nutrition is a crucial aspect of becoming well. In the U.S. far too many people are not prioritizing their nutritional health. In order to become well, you have to take account of what and how much you are eating on a day-to-day basis. A good rule of thumb is to start out by adding more fruits, vegetables, fibrous and protein-rich sources of food rather than trying to eliminate certain food choices. Eating and aspiring to eat mostly balanced meals is the best way to ensure you are eating a proper variety and amount of the good stuff!


Movement and exercise are an important key to wellness. The best part about exercise is that there are countless options. From yoga to weightlifting to pilates, running, and HIIT exercises, you are sure to find a method of movement that works for YOU. Start out by moving 3x a week and see and feel the differences in your sense of wellbeing.

Mind / Emotions

Tending to our mental and emotional health is incredibly valuable. Talk therapy is a great option for checking in on your mental and emotional wellbeing. However, if this is out of your resources, things like yoga, journaling, and talking to a friend about how you’ve been doing is always a good idea!

Community / Social Time

Social health is certainly not to be overlooked. Friends, family and our sense of belonging to a community is ingrained in our human DNA. Relationships contribute to fulfillment, happiness, and the perception of a high quality of life. If you’ve been feeling blue and isolated, try reaching out to a friend. Making time in our busy schedules to connect with others isn’t just for fun, it’s for your health!

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