What is the difference between a health coach and a wellness coach?

health and wellness coach health coaches wellness coach Apr 15, 2023

Health Coaches and Wellness Coaches are both powerful professions but here are the 3 main differences between the two branches.

Health Coaches Focus On The Physical State Of Clients

Oftentimes, a health coach will work primarily with their clients to address their current health. They’ll analyze numbers and metabolic information to gather information about their client’s health. From there, they work with food, exercise and lifestyle changes to build out better pathways to becoming healthy.

Wellness coaches focus on the whole person. They ensure they tend to the mental, emotional and spiritual side of a person, attempting to optimize their entire well-being as opposed to one facet of it.

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Wellness Coaches Take An Often Holistic Approach

A wellness Coach works with clients naturally. While they may work hand-in-hand with a doctor or specialist, depending on the client, they usually have a holistic, natural approach. They believe that addressing the whole person, provides the opportunity to resolve the root cause of disease, discomfort, etc.

A health coach may not use an exclusively natural or holistic path. While some health coaches take a holistic approach, it is not necessarily ingrained in this profession. If you’re looking for more of a mix between Western and Eastern approaches, perhaps a health coach is a good option.

Health Coaches May Work Specifically On One Aspect Of Health

In this instance, some health coaches will work with clients strictly on a problem or concern. For example, they may attempt to make improvements on a client’s Type 2 diabetes, Blood Pressure, Weight, Metabolic Disease, etc.

While wellness coaches will take on clients with these issues, they’re going to look deeper into all of the factors that contribute to a person’s poor health. They will question a person’s stress levels, the quality of interpersonal relationships, and how satisfied they feel with their life. A wellness coach believes in getting to the root cause by addressing the whole person.

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