The Three Questions to Unlock Your Full Power!

functional medicine goal setting health & wellness May 06, 2020

Hey there, beautiful!


Have you ever sat back and thought, “man...I’ve accomplished none of my goals in life?”


Maybe you’re sitting there, right now, thinking about how you’re “supposed” to already be living that dream life—and, of course, feeling pretty bad about yourself because you’re not there yet. After all, you’re in your 20’s. That’s when you’re supposed to have your life together and be super successful, right?


If you don’t have it all together that must mean that you’re lazy or you just don’t have what it takes. Well, so they say.


Spoilers: if you haven’t accomplished your goals in life so far, it’s not because you’re lazy or incapable. 


Are you ready for a big secret?

You haven’t achieved your goals because your body—your Queendom—isn’t ready yet.


So many of you amazing, young, 20-something women don’t fully understand your feminine bodies yet. (Who really does in their 20’s?) When you don’t understand your body—how it functions and collaborates with your mind and affects your health—you aren’t going to be able to use it to full power, right?


Most women don’t even get the space to learn who they are and what their body really needs until they’re in their 30’s. I mean, it’s pretty much accepted as normal. “It’ll all change when you turn 30.” “Wait til your 30’s, you’ll see what I mean.” “Life really begins in your 30’s.” 


Ugh. How many times have you heard phrases like that? You’re made to feel like it’s some secret club you have to be a certain age to join.


It’s unfair and SO preventable. And I’m going to show you how to prevent it.


I know what you’re thinking: “But, do I even start on the journey to understanding my feminine body?”


Don’t you worry, Queen. I am here for you. 

Today I’m going to guide you through three vital questions you need to ask yourself to start unlocking your full power.


These power questions have been designed to help you realize your Queendom and begin your journey towards your dream life. Through these three questions you’re going to be able to:


  • Feel connected to yourself on a powerful level
  • Understand the way your unique body works
  • Have a real game plan for then barriers arise (you know they will) that works for you


Once you’re on the path to understanding your Queendom you’ll feel SO free and have all the knowledge you need to feel on top of the world right now.


Are you ready?


Me, too! Let's do this…


(P.S. don’t forget to watch the companion video designed to go with this post. You do NOT want to miss out on all the extras.)

Question #1: What Is Going On With This Body?

I want you to really start thinking about the changes that are constantly going on in your body as a woman—not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.


These changes that take place—especially the changes that happen in your 20’s—can set you up for the rest of your life. 


I also want you to be mindful of the signs and signals that are coming from all over your body and mind on a daily basis. Think about what they’re telling you. You will intuitively know what your body is saying to you.  


This might take a little work, at first, if you’ve never really meditated on what your body is trying to tell you. If it does, don’t worry. Your intuition (what you might call your “gut feeling”) is just like any other muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets.


This will start you on the path to discovering what your body really, authentically wants and needs.


Not what someone else needs. What you need.

Question #2: Who Is Inside This Body?

This question is all about realizing and understanding:


  • Your emotions
  • Your desires
  • Your purpose


When was the last time you thought about that? 


Despite being in a powerfully feminine era, young women still aren’t really given a lot of space to think about this. Our daily lives are filled with so much extra noise. From demanding jobs to education, from social lives to thinking about having a family… The list goes on. It almost feels like previous generations designed it to be that way, doesn’t it?


But, no more, my Queen. I want you to sit down, grab a glass of wine and really start to dig deep into who you are, as your own unique individual.


Knowing who it is that really lives inside your body is essential to being able to live your dream life. 

Question #3: What Can This Body Really Do?

Your final question is about realizing the full potential of the power you’ve had from birth.


This power is made up of your optimal health, your energy—both physical and spiritual, and your sense of empowerment. Combined, all three have a huge impact on your longevity, which is key in being able to accomplish your goals and live the life of your dreams.


You wouldn’t expect to be able to safely complete a road trip in a car that had an oil leak, no AC, and leaky tires, right? You’d never make it to your destination. Well, the same goes for your body.


Can you really expect to achieve all of your beautiful, authentic goals if the vessel you’re working with (aka your unique body) isn’t in the absolute best health possible?


This is a great space to start thinking about what your optimal health looks and— most importantly—feels like. Here are just a few simple ideas to you get started on the path to your optimal health: 


  • Start paying attention to how the foods you’re eating make you feel. Does that ham sandwich covered in mayo make you feel like crap? Stop eating them!
  • Get up and get moving. Start a new workout program, or simply just start taking daily walks. Moving your body in new, “unusual” ways can start you on the path to feeling on top of the world.
  • Meditate daily. Meditation is a tried and true method that can help you discover the root cause of your imbalance. Once you know that root cause, there’s no need to ever use a band-aid or quick fix ever again.


I want you to test your limits and see what your body can do so that you can live the life of your dreams.

Okay, you’ve got all your questions! I can already feel your brain cranking.



But, now that you’ve answered these questions about your unique Queendom, you might be wondering what your next steps should be to continue to move forward with your goals and to start fully using your newly unlocked power. Sound about right?


Well, no worries there, Queen. You know I’ve got your back. I have a secret formula that I’m dying to share with you that’ll give you a crystal clear path forward. 




The R.U.L.E. Formula

Now that you’ve answered all those questions, we have to link them together. 


The RULE Formula is that missing link. This is my special formula that you can plug all of your goals into to let go of anything that’s holding you back. 


Here’s how the RULE Formula Works…


Release your old stories, “rules”, judgements, and customs. Anything that you need to get rid of that might be standing in your way.


Unleash your dream life scenario. This is where you go crazy! You get to paint a pretty picture of what your ideal life looks like. This also gives you something to work towards.


Lighten your barrier load. Pre-plan for any and every situation that could pop up and prepare a solution for it. That means no excuses for why you can’t live your dream life.


Now you get to use your evolved power to drive your goals to completion. You get to use what you were born with to create action plans that will help you achieve those goals.


Simple, right? 


Don’t let that simplicity fool you, though. The R.U.L.E. formula is so deep and gives you a solid foundation to stand on.


(You can get instant access to the R.U.L.E. Formula digital course here).


In fact, the R.U.L.E. Formula is one of the essential components of your success when it comes to figuring out who you are and accomplishing your goals. 


Reconnecting With Your Body

Remember how wayyyy back at the beginning, we talked about not accomplishing your goals didn’t mean that you weren’t trying?


It’s true. All the effort in the world won’t mean anything if your body and Queendom aren’t ready for it.


Helping you find a way to accomplish your goals and live your dream life is my biggest desire as a coach and my primary mission in this life. The one thing I’ve learned as a coach is that you, me, and every other woman is 1000% capable of achieving our goals. 


So, if you’re feeling like you can’t achieve your goals: you can. It might simply be that your body is not ready to get you here. You just may not have the energy to see part of your plan through, or the willpower to push through the excuses and overcome setbacks. If that sounds like you, I have some news for you:


It’s OK.


To accomplish your goals and be able to live your dream life, you have to fully understand your body and how to make it operate on full power. If you feel great every day, have loads of energy, and release the brain fog, you will accomplish all your goals. You might even do it with a smile on your face.

Your struggle will end when you begin to nourish both your mind and body. 

If you’re struggling to accomplish your goals, it’s likely because you’ve become disconnected from your mind and body. We go through so many changes in our 20’s that it’s so, so easy to do.


You might be used to a life of partying, fast-food, and feeling like you have to pay attention to all the signals from the world around you. Plus, there’s so many choices you have to make every day that it’s easy to get totally overwhelmed. That leaves you confused. You don’t know which signals are coming from the outside and which ones are coming from within.

You shouldn’t have to wait until you're older to feel like you’re on top of the world.

You don’t have to sit around waiting for your dream life to come someday. You don’t have to wait to feel amazing. You should feel empowered to feel that way right now. There’s no need and no reason to wait to understand your body.


But, what does being connected with your body look like?


  • Feeling everything that goes on in your body, including your muscles and your organs.
  • Knowing how everything in your body works, how it’s triggered, how they work best, and how they’re all connected.
  • Understanding the environment you live in and how it affects you every single day.


That’s what being completely connected and sensitized to your body looks and feels like. That is what is going to eliminate the internal struggle and set you on the path towards accomplishing your goals.

Start journaling.

Seriously. Grab your phone, get a cute little notebook, and start writing everything down. 


I want you to keep daily notes of how you’re feeling. Nothing is off limits. 


  • Jot down what triggers a change in your mood and emotions. 
  • Identify foods that make you feel like you’re full of energy...or like you could sleep for the rest of the day. 
  • Write out all the reasons why you think you’re not accomplishing your daily goals.


Become your own personal, private investigator and tap into that unique insight and intuition that you were born with.


Once you start that process of actively checking in with yourself, working on answering these three power questions might even feel like second nature.


These power questions are so, so important. They’re the stepping stones that you need to start reconnecting—or connecting for the first time—with your Queendom. Once you figure out:


  • What’s going on inside this body
  • Who is inside this body
  • What this body can really do


There is nothing that can stop you.


That’s when you’ll be able to truly live your dream life.


So, stop waiting for the ball to drop. Get over all the goals you haven’t accomplished yet. Move on from what you didn’t do and focus on the future.


Take some time to sit down, think about these questions and begin your own incredible journey. 


Today. Right now.


If this all feels like a little too much and you need that extra support to dive into understanding your feminine power, then I am your woman! You don’t have to do it alone. Schedule your free discovery call with me so we can talk about these powerful questions together and make an original plan for you!

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