Evolving Passions

Jun 29, 2020

This world is changing. 

We can’t deny that.

The world has always been and will always be changing. That’s just how life works. 

We seek new, we learn how to make new, and then we create new to get closer and closer to our best life. I mean, that’s basic evolution, right? 


Right now we’re in this crazy era where information comes at us from all directions at every hour of every single day. Thanks to ever-growing and improving technology, we have—almost—every answer to every question right at our fingertips.  It makes life both overwhelming and very exciting! 


Any idea you have ever had, you can now look up in a few minutes and find all the resources you need to fully realize those ideas.


We’re also seeing more and more AI take over some of the more mundane tasks. (Hello, mobile check deposit!) As more tasks are completed by machines, this frees up the human body to be more creative and seek out new experiences. 


Just like I’ve always done in my own life, I want to help you plan for those new experiences. I want to provide a space for you to start planning for your future self, using the tools of experience and present, authentic ideas. 


What would you do if all your daily tasks became more simple? 


What if, by simplifying those tasks, you gained time to create and explore your passions? 


Well that’s exactly what I predict is coming and I’m here to help you start shifting your mindset to think passionately, creatively, and gigantically. I’m here to help you learn to think in a way that allows you to create, be your authentic self, and make anything happen! 


Cause, guess what sister? The time for this mindset is coming whether you’re ready for it or not

Before we get too deep, download the free guide here so you can work through it while you read!

Part One: Allowing Passion Back Into Your Life WILL Benefit You In So Many Ways


1. Your self esteem will skyrocket

When you’re providing space for your passions, your confidence naturally comes forward and shines through. This makes space for you to be your authentic self and express your natural talents and creativity.


2. Your body and mind will relax and release

Everybody is unique, and everybody has unique wants and needs to fulfill. 


By giving in to your passions, you’re letting your mind and body become free of restraints and letting yourself fill your life with authentic happiness! You’re starting to let the real you out.


3. Your relationships will improve

That’s that trickle-down effect for you! 


If you’re creating space to be more positive and give yourself excitement through your passions, that positivity will trickle down to your relationships. 


The more positivity you have in your aura, the more you’ll be able to give to others without it feeling like a burden. This will also make your connections more transcendent because you will be sharing a part of you that comes from within your soul. 


You will be allowing your loved ones to see your passions come alive so they can experience the true, authentic you.


4. Your career will take off

Making space for your passions will ignite your creative receptors. You’ll be able to tap into your higher power and brainstorm like you never have before!


The more you allow yourself to use your mind creativity, and in a way that is pleasing to you, then the more energy and fulfillment you’ll gain for your job. 


You’ll activate your brain, making it easier to turn on, thus creating more and better brain power while you’re at work! This is especially helpful if you have a goal to make your career something you’re passionate about.


5. Your daily life will feel as full as possible 

Listen, each day doesn’t have to be hard to be successful. That’s a total myth.


A busy day or successful day doesn’t have to be measured by how many things you checked off your to-do list.


Have a little downtime? Instead of stressing over what task to do next, fill that downtime with passion. This, in return, will make your daily life feel complete no matter how much “hard work” you put in. 


In fact, filling your free time with your passions can make you start working smarter not harder!


Part two: Pre-Identifying Your Barriers

A huge part of the Forming Her Method is pre-identifying any barriers that could stand in the way of your goals.


So many people like to brush negative thoughts under the rug and just deal with problems as they occur. I choose not to take that path and I encourage you to avoid that path, as well. 


You can pre-identify your barriers by analysing your past experiences. 

Your brain is a magnificent and powerful tool. 


Each of us has billions of memories that are stored away to use and recall whenever we want. Think of it as your own, authentic, functional library. 


You can tap into that beautiful library of memory and pre-determine which barriers will arise. You might even start to recognize when they’re about to arise.


Pre-identifying your barriers and blocks is essential to owning your role as the creator of your own story. Otherwise, you’re just sitting around letting life happen to you. (What a weak way to live as a strong, powerful woman, right?)


Every single person on this planet has the ability to write their own, authentic script. All it takes is a little effort.

To begin to identify your barriers, first you have to let go of being afraid.

Don’t close your eyes during this scary part of the movie—in this case, the movie of your life.


Look at your passions and dig deeper than you ever have before to bring any barrier you have to light. 


  • Anything that has stepped in your way before 
  • Anything your intuition has felt but you were too ashamed to talk about or admit to
  • Any time someone else has place a barrier in front of you that you felt like you couldn’t point out


It’s time to let your guard down. Tap into your own mind, access your higher power, and speak your own, authentic truth!

What do those barriers look like to you? Any of these sound familiar?

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough energy
  • My significant other doesn’t approve
  • My kids come first
  • I’m not confident in myself

If any of those things sounds like you…

You’re NOT alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



In Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, (which I highly recommend) the author talks about how people don’t live up to their full purpose or potential because they are stuck behind fictional constructs and not reality


This is such a powerful concept for me because it gave me the affirmation I needed to know that I was heading in the right direction in my life and in my business. 


I finally had words to put to my desire of helping people strip away all their judgments and barriers.


When it comes to your barriers, they fall into two different categories: Fictional Construct or Reality.


Fictional construct means that, while your barrier might feel alive and real, it’s all in your head. 


Sounds kinda bleak, huh? 


Don’t worry. You’re not going nuts.


A fictional construct usually comes from a previous bad experience or another, unacknowledged, underlying feeling that you just can’t put your finger on. Most likely: 


  • Fear 
  • Guilt
  • Shame


Your brain has literally formulated subconscious, automatic responses to life based on previous situations, but that doesn’t mean that those past experiences are your present reality.


This means that your intuition is clouded. A barrier in the form of a fictional construct creates illusions—pretty convincing ones—that can keep you stuck. It makes you believe that this barrier is real and has to be addressed before you can move forward.


Spoilers: the only thing that needs to be addressed here is you banishing that fake news.


On the other hand, you have Reality based barriers. 

A reality-based barrier is one that’s actually relevant to your current state, feelings, positioning, and emotions. 


While this type of barrier isn’t colored by past experiences, it can still block you from reaching your goals in the present. They prevent you from tapping into your higher power, finding your authentic self, and experiencing your best life.


Pre-identifying your barriers is important because recognizing those barriers puts you in the best position to smash right through them. 


If you never take the time to identify your barriers, you might as well just prepare yourself to never actually embrace your passions and accomplish your goals. 


When you do take the time to pre-identify these barriers, you’re allowing yourself the time to categorize them all and pick out the ones that are real and the ones that are fictional, made up by your mind in an attempt to avoid the same trauma.


If you don’t identify your barriers, that just makes the list of potential obstacles seem even longer!


You might think, “geez, with all this standing in my way, there is no point in even trying!” 


But, I’m here to tell you: “not today, inner mean girl!”


Write it down..

Remember how we talked about identifying your barriers by acknowledging and facing any fears that might be holding you back? (Spoilers: those fears are also your barriers.)


Now, you’re going to write all of those fears down and start matching them up with either your memories or your present mind and situation. Anything that’s based on a past experience you are going to cross off your list.


Once you’ve done that, you’ll really see which barriers you actually need to overcome. I’ll even bet your list will be a lot smaller than you thought!


Time to take action!  If you haven't already, get your Free Download of the Evolving Passions Worksheet and start listing out your barriers and find out what’s real and what’s just a construct.


Part 3: Creative Solutions


Whatever your higher power is, it puts you here to be your own creator. 


Even if they help guide you through life, or have a determined plan, they still all give you the steering wheel and gas pedal. You can create the life you want and it all starts with a little deep thinking, intuitive creativity, and experience. 


To empower your creative mind to finally make the unique solutions to bring all your passions alive, I ask for you to do one thing:




I’ve always lived my life in this way and I’ve seen the power in thinking big. 


In fact, this is my purpose in this life!


Thinking small doesn’t get you anywhere. You can see the effects of thinking small when you look at people in positions of power today. 


Thinking in gigantic terms might look crazy to some, but you can be sure that those people are not making much progress towards their goals. They’re probably just watching from the sidelines with fear. 


Everyone thought Albert Einstein was crazy, or the Wright Brothers. But, they weren’t crazy! 


They were thinking all gigantically. Even though they failed time and time again, they refused to let perceived barriers stop them. 


And you know what? You can do the same thing because each passion you share with the world—no matter how big or small—makes a difference not only in your life but in the lives of those around you. 


I definitely want to add something to this world. Don’t you?


Start thinking Gigantically and come up with the craziest, most creative, maybe scary-at-first solutions to bring your passions to life! 


Some of these solutions might make your passions a reality for your present self or your future self. Both are important!


Your passions should always be on your to-do list. They should also be forever evolving as the world around us evolves. 



Every person in this world has a beautiful message to be heard in some way. 


It’s your divine right to live and shit through your authenticity. Show the world all your unique thoughts, talents, and gifts! Don’t let anyone tell you no or that you can’t (even if that person is you). You are your own creator within this life. YOU are strong enough to create GIGANTIC movements all around you!

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